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Colour and texture on cloth and paper have been the focus of my work since I trained as a Visual Art Teacher in the mid 1970’s. An interest in old and new dyeing techniques has greatly influenced the direction of my textile and mixed media work. Travelling in South East Asia, China, Japan, Europe and North Africa has furthered my knowledge & understanding of these skills.


My home & studio at Gordon, in Southern Tasmania, provides endless inspiration for my work. Sunrise over Bruny Island, moon reflections on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, sun sets behind Mt Grosse, colours, textures and light ebb and flow in this unique land and seascape marking the seasons and my days in the studio.


Currently my work has a particular focus on dyeing and printing with our native plants, working with Indigo vats, rust baths and creating textured surfaces with a variety of simple resist & printmaking techniques.


This year I will run workshops from my studio, Grampians Brushes (VICTORIA), Paper off Skin (TAS) and from my studio  (TAS)

mahdi chandler

wrapt in the far south


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